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First, focus on leading industries, activate greater development momentum The two leading industries have taken off in full force, and a large number of projects such as Lixin Pharmaceuticals high-end specialty APIs and preparations, Qiaoshen Medical high-end infusion devices, Turbine new energy turbine blades, and so on, have focused on landing, and have sounded the rallying cry for the high-quality development of the park.

First, focus on leading industries, activate greater development momentum
The two leading industries have taken off in full force, and a large number of projects such as Lixin Pharmaceuticals high-end specialty APIs and preparations, Qiaoshen Medical high-end infusion devices, Turbine new energy turbine blades, and so on, have focused on landing, and have sounded the rallying cry for the high-quality development of the park.
As an important part of Zibo City's "one core, four parks" health and medicine industry layout, the planning area is 18 square kilometers, focusing on the development of biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, health industry, pharmaceutical services, pharmaceutical excipients and packaging materials, etc. In 2018, there were 8 enterprises above the scale of the health and medicine industry, and the gross domestic product (GDP) was 7.243 billion yuan, and the profit tax was 7.7 billion yuan. GDP of 7.243 billion yuan and profit tax of 1.179 billion yuan. There are 2 enterprises above scale in advanced equipment manufacturing industry, realizing industrial GDP of 335 million yuan and profit tax of 22 million yuan.
In terms of the city's major projects, Shandong Lixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. high-end specialty APIs and preparations project, civil engineering is basically complete, the first half of 2019 to achieve completion and put into production; Zibo Qiaoshen Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. high-end infusion syringe project, the workshop has been completed, supporting facilities are under construction, May 2019 to complete the GMP renovation, the second half of 2019 trial production; Shandong Jinyang Ltd. annual output of 500 million tablets of solid preparations and iron dextrose project, plant construction has been completed and the purchase of some equipment, will soon be trial run. Ltd. calcium antagonist and ophthalmic drugs project, basically completed the main construction. In addition, also actively lengthen the health medicine industry chain, biomedical industry and supporting services industry as the main content, the construction of traditional Chinese medicine extraction and preparation industrial park, the park is responsible for the construction of standardized workshop, the introduction of related enterprises 5-10, at present, the work is advancing steadily.
High-end equipment manufacturing industry, with a total planning area of 11 square kilometers, relying on Zibo Bohai Piston Co. Auto parts city project, large car repair area was completed and put into use, entered a comprehensive investment stage, small car area of 4 buildings has been completed. Shandong Meisheng Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. thermal development of high-end equipment manufacturing project is to achieve the introduction of the year when production, becoming a "cage for birds" and "old and new energy conversion" model.
Second, focus on double recruitment and attraction, seeking higher quality development
Development Zone has always adhered to the "double attraction" as a number one project unswervingly, seize the opportunity of our province's national new and old kinetic energy conversion comprehensive pilot zone development, through system innovation, integration of resources, cohesion, the formation of a more scientific, pragmatic and efficient "double attraction" work system. "Work system.
In terms of investment, focusing on relying on Jinyang Pharmaceuticals, Lixin Pharmaceuticals, Turbine New Energy and other backbone enterprises were set up respectively in the health pharmaceutical industry investment office, advanced equipment manufacturing industry investment office, and actively promote the third-party agencies to implement the business investment, business attraction, industrial chain investment.In 2018, has completed the signing of 13 projects, and contracted to introduce funds of 9.21 billion yuan. Zibo Xiangtian Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. MVR zero-emission project, Shandong Lanxin Technology Co., Ltd. comprehensive utilization of yellow ginger resources and saponin clean production of new process projects and other projects into the landing and implementation stage.
In the introduction of talent, adhere to the environment as a powerful weight to attract talent, to improve service as an important treasure to keep people, so that high-level talent start-up peace of mind, the development of smooth, comfortable life. The introduction of biopharmaceutical industry leading talent, Jinan Aisi Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Dr. Peng Lizeng, to the development zone as deputy director of science and technology, Shandong Lixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to employ U.S. experts Wu Chao served as deputy general manager of the technology, to build up a new bridge of cooperation between health and medicine enterprises, R & D teams, the government, for the park "double recruiting and double attraction" to provide intellectual support. Intellectual support.
At the same time, the park also increased cooperation with various institutions of higher learning, with the Shandong University of Science and Technology set up Gaocheng Chemical Industry Research Institute, regularly organizing lectures by experts, the establishment of the Development Zone Innovation Research Institute, and actively promote cooperation between enterprises and Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao Agricultural University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology and other institutions of higher learning, for the development of the park to form a strong scientific and technological support for the development of enterprises.
Focusing on layout optimization and expanding wider development space
Land space and land output rate, investment intensity has become the key to the project to the park can be landed, and the tightness of land space has become the key to affect the development of the park. Development Zone planning from a high starting point, high standard positioning, the park economic and social development planning, urban and rural planning, land use planning, environmental protection planning for organic integration, and hired a professional company on the development zone master plan and Changjia town master plan was revised to improve the 47 square kilometers of space layout in a reasonable and orderly manner.
Through "vacating cages and exchanging birds", the park focuses on promoting intensive development, forcing enterprises to transform and upgrade, eliminating low-end and backward production capacity, and gradually carrying out the reform of "valuing heroes by acres of production and allocating resources by quality and efficiency", and revitalizing the former Dewei Chemical Industry's Shandong Huanghe New Material Technology Co. Lubricant base oil hydrogenation joint device project has been put into production. The revitalization of the former Weston stainless steel Shandong Meisheng Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. thermal development of high-end equipment manufacturing projects completed and put into production, speed up the "zombie enterprises" out of the clearing for the development of high-quality and efficient industry to make room. At the same time, the needle coquettish warp knitting technology transformation project, Qiaobai Group syringe workshop upgrading project, Lu Qun textile process optimization technology transformation project, Bohai piston intelligent upgrading project and a large number of projects are to new kinetic energy to enhance the continuous progress.
In the limited land "intensive farming" at the same time, the town under the jurisdiction of the park is also actively expanding more space for development, to carry out the work of the village and residence. Planning and construction of Dazhang community, Liu Chun community, Sanhe community 7, 11 villages can be resettled more than 2,600 households 11,000 people, the town's population centralized living rate reached 32%. Among them, Swan Lake community, Sanhe community and other 4 communities have built 80 buildings, and reached the conditions for occupancy, vacated land reclamation will win more development space for the park.
Fourth, focus on service support, create a better investment environment
To create a first-class investment environment, the "hard environment" highlights the park infrastructure support, "soft environment" to provide tracking nanny services, in recent years, the development and growth of the development zone of the high Qing Economic Development Zone is the magic weapon.
In the basic supporting aspects, the development zone adhere to a high starting point for planning, high standards of construction, high-intensity investment, focusing on efforts and funds to strengthen the supporting infrastructure construction, water, electricity, roads, heating, gas, roads, drainage, communications, land leveling, such as "nine a flat", 100% coverage of ancillary facilities, the daily water supply of 40,000 cubic meters, gas supply 1 million cubic meters of water supply, gas supply, sewage treatment of 120,000 tons; annual power supply of 1.5 billion kilowatt hours, steam supply capacity of 305 tons per hour, which in turn opened up the two leading industries in the framework of the development of large-scale, park project absorption and carrying capacity has been greatly enhanced.
In 2018, the investment of 74 million yuan to implement the south extension of Dazhang Road, the west extension of Jinyang Road project, the end of the year after the commissioning of the development zone can be realized after the connection of the north and south of the industrial park through; investment of 22 million yuan to implement the completion of the construction of a level of the fire station construction project. Investment of 10 million yuan for Shandong Yellow River new materials, Longhua new materials, Lixin pharmaceutical, Qiaosen medical and other 9 projects supporting the construction of water, gas, steam, Yellow River water and other pipeline network projects for the early start-up of enterprises to lay the foundation for the effect.
In the soft environment, the development zone for each investment in business enterprises to select a service team, staring on the leaning to provide "nanny" service, the intention to invest in the project and the agreement project, carry forward the spirit of "nail", and make every effort to facilitate the transformation of the contract; the contract project, carry forward the spirit of "shopkeeper! " spirit, to provide nanny-type full tracking service, the landing project, seriously practicing the "one-line work method", the establishment of a key project service forcing mechanism, adhere to the key project weekly scheduling, January an assessment, a quarterly assessment, and strive to promote the early commissioning of the effects of the park's development of the soft environment to be further enhanced. Enhancement.
Fifth, focus on ecological governance, release more development dividends
Both the gold and silver mountains more green water and green hills. It can be said that a good ecological environment is the development of health medicine, culture and tourism industries in the Gaocheng Economic Development Zone, where the advantages, and actively create ecological superiority, environmental beauty, air new ecological development zones is from the long-term interests of the people from the people's personal feelings from the beginning of a people's well-being.
Development Zone, environmental protection measures continue to strengthen, has through the establishment of a sound grid-based environmental monitoring system, mapping the "scattered dirty" 51 enterprises, shut down and banned 25, 25 deadline to improve the upgrading of 1; research and development of the "Gaoqing Economic Development Zone on the strengthening of the park outside the management of new investment projects notice", from the source of the system to Curbing the entry of "scattered and polluted" enterprises into the park from the source of the system; completing the remediation of direct-fired boilers of less than 20 tons, and banning and replacing 15 coal-fired boilers; completing the VOC treatment of key industries in 15 enterprises; replacing the natural gas of biomass boilers in 3 enterprises; installing tertiary oil and gas recycling devices in 5 petrol filling stations, and perfecting environmental protection procedures; increasing investment, and investing 5,000 RMB in the project management of new investment projects outside the park. Procedures; increase investment, investment of 50 million yuan, the implementation of the completion of the total length of 9100 meters from the Yilian Trade City to the green ring sewage treatment plant and Shandong Yellow River new materials to the green ring sewage treatment plant of the two sewage pipeline project. At the same time, actively carry out the planning of environmental assessment work and the creation of provincial eco-industrial parks, provincial eco-industrial parks have now passed the provincial Department of Ecology and Environment Organization of the acceptance of the technical verification, and solidly carry out the work of the second national census of sources of pollution, an inventory of 217 industrial enterprises and industrial activity units, 93 included in the census of sources of pollution.
Sixth, focusing on rural revitalization, to promote more people's well-being
In the park economy to achieve high-quality development at the same time, the township economy goes hand in hand, the rural revitalization of infinite vitality and vitality, the masses are getting more and more benefits and well-being of people's livelihood.
In 2018, for irrigation "far, high, difficult" plots, the construction of three water lifting stations, effectively solving the masses of "difficult to water the land" problem; investment of more than 23 million yuan to complete the Changjia Town inland mudflat land development project, the new land area of 4331.4 acres! The project benefited more than 40 natural villages and 16,000 people.
Promoting the new mode of "poverty alleviation through support + social poverty alleviation + industrial poverty alleviation", and the innovative establishment of poverty alleviation fund, all the poor people under the current standard of the city to realize the "two worries, three guarantees", and complete the renovation of 83 rural houses with drinking water to meet the standard of the room, all 13 provincial-level poor villages to realize the "two worries, three guarantees", and all the rural villages to realize the "two worries, three guarantees". 13 provincial poverty-stricken villages all realize the household pass.
The completion rate of the town's dry toilet renovation reached more than 95%, set up the county's first dry toilet management and care center, free suction toilets for each household 2 times a year, and provide dry toilet maintenance services. Invested funds of 5 million yuan to complete the Changjia, Ai Li, Maojia, Liu Chun, Luojia 5 villages, 500 households gas to coal transformation work.
Actively and steadily complete the Zhengmiao elementary school and Jinsui elementary school teaching point withdrawal and merger work, the jurisdiction of the complete elementary school layout is more reasonable, high-quality compulsory education equalization in the forefront of the county. Invested more than 200 million yuan in the implementation of the central elementary school, Fuzai Hope Primary School, Tai Li Primary School campus "five" project, the campus looks new; complete the town center kindergarten upgrading and renovation work; investment of 4 million yuan Swan Lake community kindergarten and Zheng Temple kindergarten renovation project is under construction; a total investment of more than 15 million yuan in the Tai Li Elementary School Officially put into use.
Actively implement the "Health Changjia" project, vigorously promote the family doctor contracting and grass-roots hierarchical diagnosis and treatment work, contracted doctor coverage rate of 100%, the town center health center successfully passed the first class B review. Village health room standardization reached more than 90%, Demoiselle Fan Village smart medical, remote consultation and other medical services continue to upgrade.
Carry out large-scale cultural and artistic activities such as Hot Land Song more than 12 times, held the "First Light Festival, rape sea", "the third Shandong Gaoqing Peach Blossom Festival", Farmers' Harvest Festival and other cultural and tourism activities more than 20 times, relying on the International Slow City and the Anlan Bay scenic area, improve the amusement! Relying on the international slow city and Anlan Bay scenic spot, improve the amusement infrastructure, Demoiselle Fan and other rural tour more hot.
The next step, high Qing Economic Development Zone will implement the city's "park reform and construction development breakthrough year" of the overall deployment, adhere to the "project park, industrial clustering, investment precision" development ideas, in order to enter the province's provincial economic development zones, the top 30 as the goal of positioning, highlighting the health medicine, advanced equipment and equipment, and the development of the province's provincial economic development zones, and the development of the province's provincial economic development zones. Positioning, highlighting health medicine, advanced equipment manufacturing and other leading industries, unswervingly implement the strategy of industrial strength, rural revitalization strategy, the strategy of industrial development of the district, and coordinate the promotion of "double recruitment, double attraction", park planning and supporting the construction of key projects, safety and environmental protection, social and livelihood, grass-roots party building and other priorities, in order to write a new chapter of the development of the construction of the high green to make a positive contribution. Make positive contributions to the new chapter of Gaocheng's development and construction.


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