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Recruitment position】:Purchasing Specialist

[Job responsibilities].

1. According to the company's production plan and the departments of the production of raw materials procurement applications, the preparation of single-item work procurement plan;

2. single-item work procurement plan approved by the leadership, according to the relevant plan to develop the budget;

3. Conduct market research, study the price and quality of the market, and start the inquiry, price comparison and sample examination according to the company's process;

4.Assist leaders to determine the purchase price and conduct negotiations;

5.Drafting procurement contracts and reporting;

6.Acceptance of purchasing materials, assist the relevant departments and related departments to carry out the acceptance of purchasing materials as well as warehousing;

7. Conduct market research, develop procurement channels, and select suppliers with quality, quality and reasonable price;

8.Propose programs or suggestions to reduce procurement costs;

9.Other tasks assigned by superiors.

[Application conditions]:

1.College degree or above, majoring in chemical industry and related majors;

2.Work experience in chemical products and equipment procurement is preferred;

3.Familiar with the procurement workflow, with the ability of market research;

4.Integrity, meticulous, good sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit. ;

[Recruitment number]: 1-2 people

[Location]: Jinan Pharmaceutical Valley

【Treatment】: Salary negotiable, base salary + commission / bonus, meal allowance + car allowance, five insurance + one insurance, double weekends, the company provides accommodation.


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