Shanghe production staff

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Recruitment position】:Shanghe production staff

[Job responsibilities].

1.Participate in project research and development, assist the project leader to complete the project's research and development work as well as to complete the drafting and preparation of some documents;

2. Submit work plans and summaries on time, and put forward constructive comments to the project leader in a timely manner;

3.Assist the project leader to solve the problems in R&D;

4.Assist the project leader to participate in the daily management of the project and laboratory.

[Candidate Requirements]:

1.Need pharmaceutical intermediates or API production work experience;

2. Pharmaceutical, medicinal chemistry or related experience;

3. Workplace Shanghe, the first need to travel around the factory to learn;

4.Rest: according to the production task progress for the transfer of rest.

Recruitment number]: 3-5 people

Work location]: Jinan Shanghe County

[Treatment]: Salary negotiable, base salary + commission / bonus, meal allowance, five insurance + one insurance, the company provides accommodation.



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