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Recruitment position】:Synthesis Researcher

[Job responsibilities].

1.with organic chemistry, drug synthesis and other basic theoretical knowledge, and have a deep understanding of the specialty, familiar with the principles of synthesis of various drugs and experimental operations;

2. Independently complete the literature review and graph analysis, based on the literature to complete the preliminary design of the synthetic route;

3. Skillfully complete chemical reactions and make a more comprehensive analysis of the results;

4. Solve some of the problems in the experiment;

5. Clearly and completely complete the experimental records, experimental report.

【Requirements for application】:

1. Specialist or above, majoring in organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry and related majors;

2. more than one year of experience in organic synthesis, with strong theoretical foundation or rich experience in organic synthesis experiments is preferred;

3. integrity, meticulous, good sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.

Recruitment number]: 3-5 people

Place of work]: Jinan Pharmaceutical Valley Industrial Park

Treatment]: Salary is negotiable, base salary + commission / bonus, meal allowance + car allowance, five insurance + one insurance, double weekends, the company provides accommodation.


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