Sales Representatives

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Recruitment position】:Sales clerk

[Job responsibilities].

1. According to the sales plan developed by the company to implement sales;

2. to do a good job of cooperative customer relationship maintenance work, statistical sales volume, to ensure on-time settlement;

3. market research on the company's related chemical products, information collection, to ensure that the product according to the plan to complete sales;

4. conduct market research, develop sales channels, select stable cooperative customers.

5. Other tasks assigned by the superior.

[Application conditions]:

1.College degree or above, majoring in marketing, chemical and other related majors;

2.Experience in chemical product sales is preferred;

3.Integrity, meticulous, good sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.

Recruitment number]: 3-5 people

Location】:Jinan Pharmaceutical Valley

[Treatment]: Salary negotiable, base salary + commission / bonus, meal allowance + car allowance, five insurance + one insurance, double weekends, the company provides accommodation.


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